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In November, I went to visit the Designing Women Friendship group.   They asked me to come this particular month because they were having an unveiling of their latest challenge.   Every year they have 2 challenges for their members.  This year the challenges were “Grand Entrances” and “Brown Bag”.    I believe the Grand Entrances challenge’s subject was left up to the interpretation of the maker.   The Brown Bag challenge’s rules were that every member that wished to participate brought a piece of fabric in a brown bag (1/2 yard) and the receiver had to use the fabric to make an item.   The item could be a quilt or a bag or whatever.   This was the unveiling I was privileged to see.   What a fun, creative group of ladies! 

Designing Women was started in 1997 as a clothing group.  They had at least one challenge each year in which all members participated and created many wonderful items as seen in our TBQ quilt shows over the years.   About 5 years ago, the ladies decided they had made enough clothing and decided to branch out into other areas.    They now make quilts, bags, clothing or anything that strikes their fancy!  

This group started out with their own mission statement and they have always taken minutes of each meeting and photographs of all show and tell items.   They meet in each other’s homes and the hostess offers a dessert item and is asked to do some sort of demonstration during the meeting.   The meeting I attended was at Kay Wentworth’s house and she did a demonstration on how to put lights on a quilt. 

I asked them what the thing they did as a group was the most fun.   They all had the same answer – their Spring Fling!   Once a year they have a get-together with the spouses and they meet at Betty Foley’s home where they get to wear their beautiful creations.   

They also have a Christmas party every year.  They meet at Gale Willcox’s house which she decorates beautifully for the holidays.   They play games and do a gift exchange.  

They have been invited twice to present their garments, quilts and other projects at the Prescott Library in their showcase.  I’ve seen this exhibit and it is always stunning.   There are pictures on the Archive page so make sure you take a look! 

The group is closed because they have 10 members and think that’s a good size to fit in a living room.  They have had other members over the years but the core group remains.   They are:   Gale Willcox, Kay Wentworth, Kathie Rieder,  Thann Tolman,  Judith Ritner, Pat Armstrong, Candace Tomlinson, Sandy Evans, Carol Miller and Betty Foley.
Thank you, Designing Women, for letting me come visit your group.